How to get the highest bonuses

The bonus is one of the most important facts to playing online casino. By playing for the bonuses you are playing to maximize the effect. A player is only allowed one sign up bonus for each site they register on. Bonuses are effective free money the casinos give away. Most games in a casino are for the player to lose over time it is very helpful to get the bonus. The Sign up Bonus The sign up bonus is the best bonus off because it is lucrative. When a player signs up at casino top ten and deposit money they are available for the bonus. High percent bonuses are the best to watch out for. Most of these will double, triple, or even quadruple your deposit.

The Loyalty Bonus

Some casino sites will give a loyalty bonus is you continue to play a lot on their site. The casino will email you and alert you of the bonus. Most sites also give a refer a friend bonus where if you refer a friend you might get a fixed bonus.

The NN Bonus

A lot of the online casinos are offering a no deposit bonus. This is where players can play on their site for free. The down side to this kind of bonus is that the bonus is small and the wagering level is very high and more than likely will not be able to clear the bonus before it is gone. On the other hand it is a good way to try out a casino to make sure you are going to enjoy playing on the site.

Free Casino Bonus Always Have Requirements

A player is not able to access the bonus right away since the casino is paying the player to play there. The player is required to place so many bets before the money is released into the players account. This is known as Wager Requirements.

The size of bonus you receive will determine the size of the required bet to release the money.