How to Play Slots

If someone thinks about video slot games, his mind probably goes to the kind of video games that is being played on a computer. Using the computer to play free slots online is a way to play with sounds, graphics, etc. Of course that it must be known that most people give a higher rank to video slot games than to reel games that are played in local casinos.

The amount of money you can make is depended on the amount of reels (columns) the game has. Most of the video slot games have 5 reels which move with 40 or more pay rows on them. In order to begin a new game, you need to make a few choices immediately. First of all, you have to decide what size coin you are planning to use in the game. Most of the games allow you to make a choice between a $0.01 to $1.00 per pay row. For example, if there were 40 pay rows and you placed a $1.00 on every one of them, then the total is $40 per spin. You can see that playing slots people can make a lot of money.

After you chose the coin size, you need to push the spin button. Once you do this the reels start spinning and after a short time they stop.
Every game has another combination of winning, so you have to look into that before the game begins. If you have a winning combination on one of the pay rows, you become a winner! In addition, on machines like these, you will have things like wild cards or other symbols which are scattered. If you use these symbols in the combinations, different things might happen. You can sometimes get a new bonus, and sometimes free spins are a possibility as well.