Poker Rules

Poker not only test your skills of the game it also tests you ability to strategize while playing poker whether you are just play for fun or you are playing for real money. In order to make the most of the game and win respectably you have to follow the basic poker rules.
Even though there are many different types of poker games they all use the same format.
The basic format of poker is as follows:

Players use chips whether play chips or chips that represent actual money amount into a main pot.
Players are then dealt cards this is known as the player’s hand which the cards could be either concealed or some face up depending on the game.
Bets are made based on the strength of a hand or using what is called a bluff option in rounds of betting.
Once all betting is done the person with the strongest hand or the one who hasn’t folded wins the hand.
It is crucial when you play poker that you understand the order of winning hands and all the other poker rules of the game you are playing.
Different Types of Betting Options:

Limit Poker:

In limit poker the amount of your bet is limited to a specific amount. In most cases of limit poker the name of the table is the limit you are allowed to bet such as $1/2 or $5/10. For instance if you were playing at $1/2 game the minimum bet would be like: Pre flop or better known as before the flop would be $1 After the first three community cards have been dealt known as the flop would be $1. Once the forth card was dealt, the turn, would be $2 Then the fifth card is dealt, the river, and the last community card would be $2 The big blind is the minimum bet allowed. Bets are to be in incremented amounts of the big blind. For example, in a $1/2 poker game with a max of four raises per betting round would go as follows: Before the flop: $1, $2, $3, with a max of $4 On the flop: $1, $2, $3, with a max of $4 On the turn: $2, $4, $6, with a max of $8 On the river: $2, $4, $6, with a max of $8

No Limit Poker:

In no limit poker there is no limit on how much someone can bet in any round of playing a hand. There is a minimum bet of the big blind. When raised in a hand of poker the bet must either match or be higher than the previous bet made. For instance the first player bets $10 the raise has to been a minimum of $10. However, you can bet as much as you want to bet in the hand which includes going all in. All in is where you either bet all your chips or someone bets more than you have which means you would have to put all your chips in the pot. Once you are all in you can no longer bet and once the hand is finished if you win the pot you can only win the part of the part that you had enough chips to cover or if you had more chips than other players in the hand you win the whole pot.

Pot Limit:

In Europe pot limit is the most popular out of all the games. Pot limit is similar to no limit but with different key differences. In Pot limit bets can only be as high as the amount of the pot. The pot in pot limit is the amount of the main pot of the current hand. For instance say the pot contains $100 and one play bets $20 and the two next players call the $20. The fourth person has the option of either calling the $20 bet or raising a maximum of $180. The math required in the game becomes easier the more you play.